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The Barn

This is where the magic happens! No matter what kind of event you are looking to host, the barn is home to dinner, drinks, dancing, and more! This place was built around the original hayloft, which is estimated in between 130-140 years old! Inside this red barn is a modern feel to the farm life - grey, white, and neutral accents tie this place together and give the perfect atmosphere to any event. The barn brings warm + cozy vibes, and promises memories to last a lifetime.

Homestead Inn

Homestead Inn is original to the Rustic Oaks property! Built in 1908, this house is home to bridal parties for wedding day + ceremony preparation! The main floor has a kitchen, living room + dining room - if these walls could talk! The downstairs is our 'groooms suite'. It is truly the best place to relax + enjoy the morning - with maybe a game of pool in the mix! The upstairs is our 'bridal suite', two rooms with natural light that is perfect for bridal prep! The elegant touches of this house offer the perfect place to spend your morning!

*Homestead Inn is open May through October from 8am - ceremony time for wedding days, there are no overnight stays here!*

Dromsted Inn

Dromsted Inn was built in 1919 just a few miles from Rustic Oaks! After the big flood in 2009, this house went up for sale. We bought it, moved it to Rustic Oaks, and gave it a little love! Dromsted means 'dreamplace' in Norwegian, and is truly just that! Inside this beautiful home has 10 bedrooms. Yes, 10 (each with their own private bathroom)! The main floor is a cozy hangout space for your guests + has a handicap accessible room! The basement houses three spacious rooms, each equipped with a couch! The second floor has five bedrooms! The top floor, our personal favorite, is our honeymoon suite. The views from this floor are breathtaking! 

Blue Spruce

Blue Spruce Inn is a small blue house surrounded by spruce trees at the end of our property! This house is a home - it has three bedrooms, a kitchen, dining + living room! This charming home was recently remodeled, and has the modern touches you look for! Outside, you can find a cute deck area as well as a place to have a bonfire! Come get cozy!

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