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Celebrating your start to forever since 2010.

In 1895, Even and Marit Corneliussen established their home on the banks of the Red River, on the site that is now Rustic Oaks.

As newlyweds, and recent immigrants from Norway, they were filled with the hopes and dreams of establishing a new life on the prairies of Minnesota. They built a small home during their first year on the property. This original house (now referred to as "The Homestead") still adjoins the main home and presently houses the kitchen and master bedroom.

By 1908, as their family grew, a larger home became the dream. There was a large stand of white oaks on the property that provided the opportunity for that dream. They harvested over 200 oaks - that when sold, provided the funds to build their new home.  The property was home to two generations of Corneliussens, and then to two generations of Ericksons from 1974 to 2002.

When the Larsons first saw this property in 2002, they realized it had the potential to fulfill their lifelong dreams.  After learning the history, the name "Rustic Oaks" originated.  The Larson's hope is that this place can be for you, as it was for the Corneliussen and Erickson families, a place to remind us of shared hopes and dreams, a place where we can live in congruence with nature, and a place where we can celebrate the connections of families and friends.

As their dreams expanded, the Larson's purchased a second location in the heart of lake country in Alexandria, Minnesota. On Lake Charlie, now sits Gathered Oaks, our sister property! 

In early 2024, Rustic Oaks was purchased by Addison Rodel. Addi started her love for weddings + events at Gathered Oaks behind the scenes back in 2016. She is beyond excited to be continuing to celebrate out at what she calls her "little slice of heaven" and is hoping to continue the dreams that the Corneliussen, Erickson, and Larson's had!



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